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Recipes created by Mizkan in different cuisine to suit your likings. Try and explore the great taste brought by Mizkan.

Onion Leeks Sesame and Soymilk Udon

Diagonally slice onion leeks, shred carrots and thickly slice perilla. Shake well Mizkan Soup base for Hot Pot [SESAME AND SOYMILK NABE] Straight Type before transferring into a pot ...

Pork and Bacon Tonkotsu Steamed Rice

Separate oil from tuna. Mix tuna with preferred Mizkan™ Sesame Sauce. Slice boiled eggs into fine pieces. Place [1] and bacon fried bits on bread...

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Seasoned soy sauce with rich aroma and flavor. It contains citrus juice, vinegar and soy sauce...



A bonito tsuyu (soup base) with flavorful and aromatic bonito stock, created by adding fine ground dried ...



A popular vinegar suitable for all Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes. It features mild acidity with well...



A creamy sauce with savory aroma and rich taste, created by adding roasted nuts to ground sesame ...

What's MIM

MIM (Mizkan Museum) is an interactive museum where you can learn about Mizkan’s history as a vinegar manufacturer, and about the charm of Japanese food.