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Japan + Asia

Initiatives in Japan + Asia

From our establishment in 1804 to the present day, we have been working on offering foods and recipes that unify taste experiences and healthy choices. In the 19th century, we made sake-lees vinegar that complemented haya-zushi or “fast sushi,” which was becoming popular in Tokyo at the time. Ajipon™ helped popularize mizutaki, a regional hot-pot dish.

We are known for vinegar, a seasoning that is often associated with good health in Japan. We have introduced drinking vinegar as a new way to enjoy vinegar. Our expertise in microbe fermentation and brewing has been applied not just to vinegar, but also to differentiate our natto (fermented soy beans). Mizkan’s delicious foods and recipes add value for our food-service customers as well.

Our key bases in Asia are Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore. We offer foods and recipes for Japanese households and restaurants in these locations. Our core foods are vinegar, tsuyu (soup stock), and sauces.
Japanese foods that use rice, such as sushi and onigiri, are becoming popular. Mizkan helps deliver a delicious taste experience in Asia by leveraging our technological expertise and customer-focused proposals.