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AJIPON is a blend of citrus juice, vinegar and soy sauce that come together to create a seasoning with an exquisite flavor like no other.

This unique seasoning with a refreshing Japanese taste can be used as a dip or added to a wide range of dishes such as hot pots, grilled meat with grated radish, grilled fish, gyoza and chilled tofu.

Soy sauce
Citrus juice
Feature (1)
Robust sensation of citrus with hints of soy sauce
Fatty ingredients
Strongly-flavored ingredients
Balance with ingredients with distinctive aromas
Simple arrangement in a wide variety of dishes with an understated aroma of citrus
Marinated foods
Hot pots
Dip it, sprinkle it, splash it, pour it, stir fry with it … AJIPON can be used easily in any way to bring out the flavor of your food. AJIPON can also be used instead of soy sauce or dressing to make food taste great.
Long-seller on the market for over 50 years
AJIPON has the largest share of the market in the Japanese ponzu vinegar category.
Where does the word "ponzu" (vinegar) come from?
The origin of "AJIPON" lies in the Dutch word, "PONS", which means citrus juice. Citrus juice was added to vinegar (pronounced as "su" in Japanese), creating the word "PONzu". The addition of soy sauce led to the development of "AJItsuke PONzu", or "flavored ponzu vinegar" from which the name "AJIPON" was created.
Simple to make!
Ways to enjoy "Tabe-PON"! (Eating with AJIPON)
Tabe-PON is a series of dipping sauces for hot pots to which a lot of ingredients are added to AJIPON. AJIPON adds new layers of flavor and texture to ordinary hot pots, making food takes even more delicious and enjoyable! Tabe-PON are simple to make. Just add AJIPON to your favorite ingredients!
Prepare all different kinds of "Tabe-PON" ingredients!
Fill your plate with all of your favorite foods!
AJIPON creates delicious new tastes when mixed with hot pot ingredients!
Basics of using AJIPON in Japan
Shabu-shabu/Hot pots: AJIPON as a dipping sauce
Click here for other recipes and ways to use AJIPON.
Where is AJIPON sold?
AJIPON is sold all around the world.


AJIPON in Japanese Cooking

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AJIPON for hot pots, grilled meat and pork cutlets with grated radish, grilled fish, gyoza, chilled tofu, and any Japanese dish!

AJIPON, delicious dipped, sprinkled, splashed or poured

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Transform gyoza, dim sum, and any ordinary dish with AJIPON!

Easy and delicious meals with AJIPON

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Boil or stir-fry chicken or pork with AJIPON instead of soy sauce! Try out this simple way to enjoy new flavors!


Featured Recipes


  • 在誕生的菜式「火鍋」,我們講究醬汁變稀時的情況,講究即使醬汁變稀時是否也可以美味地品嚐,並進行評估。
  • 不只停留在火鍋用調味料,我們還在許多日本料理如「涼豆腐」「餃子」「涼青菜」等確認味道以設計品質。
  • 評估味道、外觀、香氣等的是,即使在味滋康也很少的柑橘醋醬汁領域專業評估員。
Refreshing Taste
Refreshing Taste


  • 柑橘果汁:在重視清爽感的同時,獨家混合多種不同的柑橘果汁,以便讓您感受到濃郁美味。
  • 醬油:選擇演繹清爽感的醬油,講究香氣不太強、在柑橘醋醬汁使用時不易出現沉澱的品質。
  • 醋:從釀造醋已有200多年歷史的味滋康食用醋中,選擇最適合帶來清爽感且無雜味的食用醋。


  • 在日本市場培育出的安全安心之製造技術。
  • 由內裝液體的成分值導出的、盡可能不對風味造成損害的適當的加熱滅菌。
  • 使用獨家的瓶蓋和瓶子以確保高氣密性,並講究使用上的方便性。
Refreshing Taste