More than 200 years of inhereted Mizkan Vinegar Production History in Japan

Created from numerous development through Edo-mae sushi restaurants’ feedbacks, Mizkan proudly offers Shiragiku®, a vinegar that perfectly matches any sushi.

More than 200 years rice in Edo-mae Sushi

Matazaemon Nakano I, founder of Mizkan, developed Japan’s first red vinegar made from sake lees which complements sushi very well. The use of red vinegar on sushi became popular and its sales grew further along side with Edo-mae sushi’s popularity.

In the 1950s, the demand for rice vinegar, which brings out the whiteness of the rice, increased compared to sake lees vinegar which gives the rice a red color. In response to Edomae-sushi restaurants’ demands, Shiragiku, a rice vinegar, was developed and its usage spread to all sushi restaurants in Japan.


Reasons Shiragiku complements well with sushi

Based on the aroma component analysis and sensory test of raw vinegar, Shiragiku is thought to bring out the best taste of sushi rice with its refreshing and clean flavor, as well as its natural sweet aroma from the rice ingredient.


Reviews from famous sushi restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide

  • The key to (making) delicious sushi is to have a balance and unity between the sushi rice and its topping; but because Shiragiku is easy on the tongue, it doesn’t contradict with the topping.
  • Shiragiku was chosen to match all of our sushi toppings because of its mild aroma.
  • The reason for choosing Shiragiku is that it there is little aftertaste and it is refreshing. I am committed to its refreshing taste.
  • Shiragiku doesn’t have a sharp and pungent smell. I think sushi rice that are strongly scented are less favored.
  • Shiragiku is versatile, and goes with any sushi topping.

Within the history of sushi, Shiragiku was developed as a “vinegar that complements sushi” and is highly evaluated by various famous sushi restuuarnts and shops all around the world. Mizkan highly recommends Shiragiku for sushi.


Shiragiku® is supported and used by sushi restaurants all around the world.

2019 Shiragiku® Sales (Case quantity)

Shiragiku around the world

Product Introduction


Product Description

A mild and full taste which captures the flavour and aroma of rice and sake cake. Perfect for sushi and the world’s most popular vinegar for sushi restaurants.

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