Mizkan Timeline


History 1804

The company is founded.

First vinegar brewery opens (later known as the Handa Factory). Fermented vinegar is produced on a large scale.


History 1811

First vinegar brewery opens (later known as the Handa Factory). Fermented vinegar is produced on a large scale.


Yamabuki™ launches.

The premium sake lees vinegar Yamabuki™is launched. It uses sake lees matured for three years, and becomes known for complementing sushi.



The Mizkan mark becomes a registered trademark.

The widely recognized Mizkan mark, designed by Matazaemon IV, is based on the Nakano family crest.


Selects a new catch phrase through a newspaper advertisement: "Leave all things vinegar to Mizkan."

Begins exporting from Japan to the US.



Launches Shiragiku, a rice vinegar.


Full-scale production of bottled vinegar begins.

A fully automated bottling line is established in the Handa Plant.

History 1954

Mizkan secures funding to set up a new vinegar bottling line to ensure the future of Mizkan product quality.



Ajipon™ (citrus-seasoned soy sauce) launches.

Ajipon™ enables consumers to make and enjoy restaurant- quality food at home. To drive sales, Mizkan carries out recipe tasting and sells the new product from market stalls promoting mizutaki hot pot, then a little-known dish in the Kanto area.



Natural Food Campaign

A natural food campaign is rolled out to emphasize Mizkan's key point of difference versus competitors of the time: our commitment to quality and natural brewing. The campaign slogan was “Only Mizkan vinegar is 100% brewed” (i.e. not synthetic vinegar).

History 1971

Going Beyond Vinegar

The "Beyond Vinegar Strategy" launches, initially called the "Non-Vinegar Strategy." It aimed for 100 billion yen in sales by increasing vinegar sales in tandem with more aggressive development of non-vinegar products.

All vinegar plants are certified by JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard).



Acquires American Industries Company, a major American vinegar manufacturer, to use as a base for the western US.

With the acquisition of American Industries Company, overseas expansion starts in earnest. Further US acquisitions follow.


Su-no-Sato Vinegar Museum opens.

It opens to the public after a visit by the former imperial couple.

The museum introduced visitors to the spirit and techniques handed down by generations of vinegar-making craftsmen, all in an atmosphere reminiscent of the early days of Mizkan.

*In November 2015, Su-no-Sato Vinegar Museum was reborn as the MIZKAN MUSEUM™.



Tsuyu launches.

Mizkan enters the tsuyu (soup-stock) category, which is a big market in Japan. Tsuyu is launched as a premium product with the key selling point that it has a high concentration of bonito stock. It is later rebranded as Oigatsuo™ Tsuyu and becomes a big hit with consumers.


Gomoku Chirashi launches.

Instant chirashi sushi mix for at-home sushi making is launched. The convenience it offers home cooks means it quickly becomes a bestseller.



Completes new headquarters in Japan.

The exterior of the newly built headquarters was designed in all black to maintain harmony with the surrounding scenery.

History 1997

Participates in raising capital with Asahi Foods to enter the natto (fermented soybeans) business.

In an effort to further diversify its portfolio of healthy, delicious foods, Mizkan begins full-scale production of natto.


Establishes Nakano Europe, in the UK.

Establishes Mizkan Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

A base is established in Singapore for the Asia Pacific area.

Mizkan China Co., Ltd. is established as a 100%-owned subsidiary sales company in Beijing, China.



Mizkan Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. Hong Kong Branch and Taiwan Branch begins operations.


Acquires Sarson's™ malt vinegar and Haywards™ pickled vegetables, both category leaders in the UK.


Acquires Branston™, sweet pickle in the UK.

With this, three brands which have long been popular in the UK have joined the Mizkan Group.



Acquires two US top-selling pasta sauce brands: RAGÚ™ and Bertolli™.

Mizkan expands the US business with the acquisition of popular pasta sauce brand RAGÚ™ and the leading premium pasta sauce brand, Bertolli™.



Opens the MIZKAN MUSEUM™ (MIM™).

MIM™ opens its doors in November, 2015. MIM™ is an interactive museum where visitors learn about the art and history of vinegar brewing and Japanese food culture in a fun and engaging way.


Start ZENB™ Initiative.